Helping to keep your workplace safe

We provide a range of workplace assessments, giving you a full overview of occupational risk to your workers in the course of their activities. With workplace risk assessments, understanding the inherent risks in a role, is the first step that needs to take place so that you can eliminate or mitigate those risks as much as possible, and make your workplace and premises safer for staff, customers, visitors, and the general public. Likewise, if any policies are out of date, we can train or refresh your company policies, and ensure they are compliant and workable.



workers on construction site moving metal piping

Site Workplace First Aid Assessments

It is a legal requirement for companies to ensure they have first aid on their sites. Someone on the site needs to be able to administer first aid and need to be retrained every 3 years. We offer full training packages for First Aid at Work, so your staff are ready to step in when needed and potentially save a life, providing help when it is needed most of all.

Our courses:

 Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day course)
Emergency First Aid for Drivers (1 day course)
First Aid at Work (3 day course)
First Aid at Work Requalification (2 day course)




Workplace Transport Assessments

We offer specialist workplace transport assessments, ensuring transport depots, loading areas, and logistics operations are as safe as possible. Get in touch with us for more information.

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