Helping to manage hazards and protect your staff

Where employees face unavoidable hazards, a Safe System of Work is used to minimise the risks, and give staff a structured system to follow. This may involve step by step instructions for wearing protective equipment, and operating machinery once all safety guards are in place. Once a workplace risk assessment has identified unavoidable hazardous processes, implementing an SSOW is the next step, and this mitigates risk and helps keep staff safe.



supervisor checking review document before issued, working at height permit and risk assessment on construction site

A full SSOW service

We can assist your business in writing, reviewing and amending any Safe Systems your company has. Once the new System has been written it is of course vital that it is rolled out to all relevant staff members, so they are aware of it and can implement it as needed. We will help write the SSOW in plain English, so it is easy to understand and accessible for all your employees. We can help you monitor and reassess the SSOW to make sure it works properly, and isn't susceptible to short cuts.



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