Keeping your workplace safe

We provide a complete workplace risk assessment service, helping keep your workers safe from hazards, and your business safe from legal actions. According to the Health and Safety Executive, you have a duty to assess any risks to your employees, and document these responsibly. We are here to provide approachable and friendly health and safety guidance, helping you to avoid pitfalls, and giving you the information needed to keep your team of staff safe.



safety officer writing note on checklist paper during audit and inspection operation

Working around your business

General risk assessments are legal compliance. We will go on site and assess your company policies, look at current risk assessments, check out your current procedures and review. If during monitoring, we notice there are not policies being followed, we can advise for future changes. We will identify all your hazards and risk levels. If anything has been missed in terms of hazards, we will let you know what needs to be added and updated. We can also suggest if extra control measures need to be put in place. This is transferred into the safe system at work.


Workplace Transport Assessments

We offer specialist workplace transport assessments, this covers activities which happen outside in the yard, ensuring transport depots, loading areas, and logistics operations are as safe as possible. This helps make sure control measures are in place to ensure no accidents and safe distance from pedestrians.

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overhead shot of transport depot with parked lorries and trucks



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