A full CDM service

Recent legislation updates in 2015 outlined the way construction projects are planned, and how they provision for the health, safety and welfare of anyone involved in the construction. The legislation requires adequate toilets, washing facilities, drinking water, changing rooms and rest areas for staff, and also plan properly to ensure health and safety is maintained at all stages of the construction process. This also covers Working at Height, excavation, demolition, and mobile plant and vehicles. Alongside workplace risk assessments, we provide full consultative services for CDMs, giving project managers and leaders of the construction industry peace of mind.



construction workers using mobile scaffold tower and safety harness to work at height

Risk Assessment & Method Statement reviews

We provide a complete RAMS service, where we can help you in outlining processes to carry out specific tasks to minimise risk in particular tasks and activities at work. By having robust and clearly written method statements you can enable the workforce to make quick and informed decisions about the safest course of action, reduce the chance of misunderstandings, and improve efficiency and productivity overall. More than this you will reduce the likelihood of incidents at work, safeguarding your staff, people on site, and your business reputation.



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